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Team building in nature

To support our customers in the major transitions underway, we will seek skills from scouts in the emerging world. 

The entire Gingko 21 team is trained in deep ecology, through the Work That Connects (TQR) workshops offered by Joanna Macy.

The Work that reconnects workshops

Gingko 21 offers workshops in different formats: from two hours remotely to 5 days face-to-face.

Faced with climate challenges and the collapse of biodiversity, we are now faced with unprecedented situations and choices. The sadness and anger that we know can cause a particular form of anxiety, but also represent a formidable engine of change.

These emotions that can overwhelm you are actually an immense force to create a more resilient, more united world, and to take action. This is the bet made by Joanna Macy, American university professor, ecologist and internationally recognized psycho-sociologist. 

To deal with the potential discouragement of people aware of environmental issues, Joanna Macy proposed a remarkably effective process in the 1980s, which leads us to draw from our very concerns and from a renewed connection to the Living the strength to become agents of change. . Work That Reconnects (TQR, or Work That Reconnects, WTR) [1].

This work is widely disseminated among ecologists, this is what is called “deep ecology” or “deep ecology”. The TQR is currently finding a tremendous echo in many countries, and in particular in Europe: EPFL offers internships, Pablo Servigne talks about it in "How everything can collapse", the director of the film "Once you know" offers a mini TQR of 1 hour after the screening, Yggdrasil magazine talks about it…​

Changing our relation with nature


What is the Work That Reconnects ?

The "work that connects" (TQR) allows us to question our view of the world and to explore new ways of envisaging it, in close collaboration with nature, the Living. It leads us to revisit the hierarchy of our values, and at the same time gives us energy and hope to commit ourselves to a more resilient world.


It is a process to go through as a group. It is articulated in four stages, often represented on a spiral, for each of which practical exercises are offered in the form of a workshop:

  1. "Recognizing the beauty of the world": awakening our capacity for wonder

  2. "Take a lucid look at the imbalances of the Earth ecosystem": get out of denial to dare to look at what affects us in the world, particularly in the attack on nature, and generates in us fear, sadness, discouragement, anger 

  3. "Opening perspectives": defocusing our gaze, to understand the "long time", developing a systemic vision, imagining cooperation...

  4. "Move forward": imagine projects that make sense for each participant and for their collective (village, association, company, etc.), and take the first steps.

    It is an ideal complement to the Fresco du Climat, which if practiced on its own runs the risk of giving way to a feeling of discouragement.

Who is the Work That Reconnects for?

For all groups: company, association, administration, school, neighborhood...

Examples of favorable business contexts:

  • A visionary leader wants to mobilize the energy of employees to transform the company, align it with today's challenges and strengthen its resilience;

  • HR identifies growing concern among employees about environmental issues;

  • The company's main activity is potentially challenged by climate and biodiversity issues

It is a possible complement to the Climate Fresk, qIf practiced alone, there is a risk of giving way to a feeling of discouragement.

spirale du TQR.png

Participate in a Work That Reconnects (WTR) workshop

You want to participate in a WTR or organize a WTR workshop in your company (seminar, team building, ...) send an email to and we will contact you to organize this workshop as well as possible.

[1] "Practical ecopsychology and rituals for the earth" by Joanna Macy et al.:

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