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Learn & train

Develop your skills in LCA and eco-innovation

Would you like to take part in a training course organized by Gingko 21?

OpenGreen eco-innovation training (over 2 days)

- Sept. 25 and 26, 2023 at Chambery (73)

Acquire the basics of the OpenGreen® method through practice, to develop your product and service offer by meeting the new expectations of your customers and stakeholders: environment, responsibility, new business models.Stimulate the creativity of your teams towards eco-designed solutions thanks to "inventive principles".

LCA training (over 2 days)

- May 15 and 16, 2023 at Chambery (73)

- June 7 and 8, 2023 at Massy (91)

Understand the interest and limits of life cycle analysis, deepen the key methodological points based on concrete and illustrated examples, know how to order and monitor the performance of an LCA study.

Training at Gingko 21

Our 20 year experience in the field of training allows us to conduct efficient and interactive courses as well as "action trainings". Our educational methods promote application, dialogue and confort for the learner. 

Gingko 21 offers "serious games", which combine sensitization on these topics and team building, across many themes related to circular economy. 

Gingko 21 has also developed large group animation skills. As part of our eco-innovation consulting activities, we often organize creativity sessions in collective intelligence (Orange, Orange Business Services, FagorBrandt, Renault). 

We are referenced in the Datadock.

Handicap and accessibility: Gingko 21 is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

If you have a disability, we invite you to contact our administrative manager, Myriam Berna

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Depending on the actual sanitary context, our training sessions will be held in person or remotely by videoconference.



Introduce the key concepts of circular economy themes to your employees with the help of our following training modules:

     > Introduction à l'économie circulaire (1 day)

     > Introduction à l'Analyse de Cycle de Vie (ACV) (1 day)

     > ​Introduction à l'éco-conception (1 day)

     > Formation achats responsables (2 days)

     > Formation marketing responsable (2 days)


Eco-innovation Pilot Project

To encourage the learning of the eco-design concept and the associated tools, there is nothing better than an application on a real company project. At the beginning of the design process, three one-day workshops are held with the project team.


     > Projet pilote d'éco-innovation (6 days)

Implement the economy of tomorrow

In addition to eco-innovation consulting, Gingko 21 supports projects to implement the circular economy.

     > Formations à l'agroécologie sur le site pilote d'Appietto près d'Ajaccio, Corse (2 to 90 days)



The fundamentals of this topic, presented in a simple and didactic way, and illustrated with numerous examples. These modules are intended for people likely to launch an eco-design project, a life cycle analysis or an industrial and territorial ecology project. Exercises prepare for implementation.


     > Éco-conception (2 days)

     > LCA (2 days)

     > Affichage environnemental (1 day)

     > Économie circulaire (1 day)

     > Écologie Industrielle et Territoriale (2 Days)



The workshops are very practical and focus on learning through use. Intended primarily for people who already have experience in eco-design, they can also be of interest to the novice - especially for the half-day workshops on the search for eco-designed solutions.


Last updated on 3/01/2023

" Gingko 21 conducted a full training, adapted to our company and products specificities, using concrete examples speaking to everyone. This training created the same enthousiasm in auditors  from different services in our company. It has brought a growing motivation to continue our LCA and sustainable design approach."

Ludovic Dupaquet, Quality and Environmental Manager, SICAME

Eco-design workshop

Gingko 21 has created the fresco of eco-design!

Through a 3-hour collaborative workshop, participants learn the fundamentals of eco-design and leave with inspiring concepts to eco-innovate.

Since eco-design is inseparable from environmental impacts, the fresco also allows participants to reconstruct the chains of causality that link human activities to their various impacts on the environment. A simple and fun way to learn more about the different types of pollution and environmental degradation that exist and that we too often forget!

The eco-design workshop was developed specifically to bring eco-design to life within companies.

We do not yet offer a citizen version.

Would you like to know more about this eco-design workshop ? Would you like a quote to organize the workshop in your business?

Visit the website of the Eco-design workshop

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