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Transforming one's offer and being able to renew to meet up to date expectancies of clients and society, while seeking both economic and environmental efficiencies, significantly raise the competitiveness of a company.  

OpenGreen®, an innovation oriented sustainable design approach.

OpenGreen® is an innovative sustainable design approach, based on years of field experience and complementary skills in environmental evaluation and innovation. Pragmatic, efficient and tooled, OpenGreen® gives a company the key to start designing sustainably while preserving its development process.

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Then, OpenGreen® supports the company until all decisions are taking the environment into account. 


You can find further information about principles, tools and deployment of the OpenGreen® method at:


OpenGreen®, co-developped with Auki, is based on TRIZ innovation tools and Value Analysis. 

Do you want to train in eco-innovation and eco-design?

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