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Industrial and Territorial Ecology Project in the Agiot - La Verrière Activity Zone (78)

Context and Objective:

As part of the redevelopment project of the Activity Zone initiated in the municipality of La Verrière, and in order to develop a responsible and local economy, the Agglomeration Community of Saint - Quentin - en - Yvelines wished to explore the potential an EIT process for the Agiot business zone. Among the 40 companies located in this future "Eco - pole", 10 are already involved in the process.

Execution and Results:

Firstly, Gingko 21 conducted individual interviews, organized an inclusive workshop and issued a questionnaire for companies. Thus, 50 potential synergies were identified. Secondly, another workshop determined 3 main topics, which were assigned to three groups:

  • Housecleaning service pooling,

  • Storage facility pooling, and

  • Collection and recovery of paper and cardboard wastes.

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