Sustainable Development Charter

Eco-responsibility at Gingko 21

Gingko 21 is a consulting office in eco-design and eco-innovation. Therefore, our daily habits and behaviour should be examplary. That is why we take sound and simple actions to minimize our environmental footprint.

Working environment

Our office is equiped with thermostats, allowing constant thermal comfort à 19°C in the winter. A proper room orientation ensures maximum sun lighting, resulting in lower artificial light use (made in france energy saving lamps). We do not have air conditionning  since we use natural ventilation.

We turned to a new electricity supplier, providing 100% renewable electricity. 

We refused to invest in a refrigerator and prefer to use a rustic system based on evaporation to preserve food in the summer. 

Our wooden furniture is flexible and some is sustainably designed. We sort waste consistently, especially paper for recycling. Our kitchen composter allows us to add value to our organic waste.

Depolluting plants maintain good indoor air quality and give life to our office. Our permaculture balcony garden provides strawberries, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, herbs ...


Employees of Gingko 21 favor public transportation to commute between home and the office. Professional commuting is fast and easy since Massy-Palaiseau station is very close to the office and provides trains to Paris and TGV to the province.


We limit the amount of printing by careful re-reading on screen. Two-sided black and white document is the norm at Gingko 21, only when printing is necessary. One-sided documents, or any extra prints are used as scrap. The paper we use is 100% recycled, eco-labelled 'Ange Bleu" or FSC. We also care about paper weight : 80g for daily printing and 90g for higher quality. Cartridges are send for reuse, once empty.

Our working methods

As a very small company, collaboration with other consulting firms is important. We allow working at distance, conference call and screen sharing (via Skype) so as to reduce unnecessary moves. Digital tools are our preference (electronic reporting, collaborative websites, wiki, project management tools). Actually, dematerializing and opening to digital practices seem to be the most responsible ways of working. 

Gingko 21 is committed in sharing skills : we act towards sensibilization and diffusion of tools and methods, through teaching in Engineering and Business Schools, through professional training, through providing online softwares ( or paper medium (Orée Guide) and  also with the book « Le guide de l’éco-innovation » published by Eyrolles in 2014.


Gingko21 is aware that community well-being plays its role in sustainable development. Gingko21 considers its employees, clients, suppliers and collaborators as members of this community.  Therefore, Gingko21 takes its responsibility in all relationships to make decisions for global well-being. Each employee at Gingko21, whom has its own principles, also shares the worth of well-being. Gingko21 eases commuting through teleworking for example. We promote sports and relaxation for everyone's well-being.  A room in our office is also available for a nap.


Working well and efficiently is our best lever to reduce environmental impact. In fact, helping our clients to decrease environmental impact of their goods and services is indirectly releaving our environmental footprint. We have high quality standards and passion is at the heart of every of our missions. 


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