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Change course

How strategically aligned is your business
with the current ecological transition?

New paradigms are emerging in the context of an accelerated transition to a decarbonized world that is more respectful of life. Gingko21 supports the integration of environmental, economic and human factors through an approach rooted in collective intelligence and adapted to your sector.

Why propose a strategic diagnosis?

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Under the pressure of environmental issues, a profound change in our economies and societies is underway. Ecological transition or Energetic transition, it goes well beyond the environment: it profoundly challenges our lifestyles and consumption patterns.

Announced decades ago, this transition is accelerating today, and represents a highly strategic challenge for companies. Customer expectations are changing, regulations are evolving, the functioning of markets is modified, supply chains are being transformed, significant and rapid technological shifts are looming (energy, green chemistry, circular economy) which add to the wave of digitization.


This rapid and simultaneous evolution of the entire economic context warrants that business leaders reconsider their strategy in the light of this transition.

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Our support

Through fifty questions,Gingko 21 analyzes the ecological maturity of your organizationand sends you back the image of your company in theEcological transition, in the dual form of a score and a radar graph.

Thanks to this analysis, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and, if you wish, to begin developing an action plan.

The 4 pillars of Gingko 21's strategic diagnosis


The pillar Knowledge evaluate

  • the company's level of exposure to environmental issues

  • the level of awareness/knowledge of managers on these risks

  • the company's impact on the environment



The pillar Strategy focuses on the commitments made by your company (climate ambition, environmental policy, etc.) as well as the vision you have of your products and services in the coming years.


This pillar lists the Ways implemented by your company to deploy its strategy (monitoring KPIs, rules for prioritizing actions, integrating suppliers into the process, etc.).


Finally, the pillar Results summarizes the achievements of the company concerning the reduction of its impact on the environment and the possible repercussions on its operating indicators (attractiveness of the brand, margin, turnover, etc.).



Is your business aligned with the goals of the transition?

Has the company identified risks and opportunities? Is she engaged? Has it already obtained convincing results?

Explore this question with the support of Gingko 21.

Contact us for more information or to establish a quote.

Progress of the strategic support

The strategic alignment diagnosis


  • 3 hour interview with our experts

  • Large mesh assessment of the environmental impacts of your company

  • Presentation within 1 month of the diagnosis of your company's strategic alignment with the ecological transition.

Price list from

€10,000 excluding tax


Development of an ecological transition trajectory

Contact us for a quote


Co-construction of your roadmap

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