Growing together the economy of tomorrow

Eco-innovation - Value Creation - New Business Models

Our vision

We contribue to reach the "SDGs", the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, by helping to transform the production and consumption modes.

We are convinced that the solutions already exist : positive initiatives arise and reduce pressure on the environment, create social link, are collaborative and give new meaning. 

Our passion and expertise is to identify these initiatives, explore them to understand how they emerge, catalyse, expriment and support their deployment.

We see ourselves as the gardeners of the world to come.

Let's grow together the economy of tomorrow!


Our skills and expertise

Redesign your offer and developing new business models, 

Open Green

Redesign your offer and developing new business models, 

Open Green

Measure environmental impacts,

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Develop your skills in an interactive and playful way

(inter- and intra- training, serious games)

Redesign your offer and developing new business models, 

Open Green


Our team

Claire Rebourg.PNG

Hélène Teulon


Gentiane Gastaldi

Agri-Food Engineer

Quentin Bézier

Ecodesign Engineer

Amandine Derbes

LCA and eco-design engineer

Photo Agrippine 2.jpg

Myriam Berna

Administrative Manager

Julie Houssier

Agri-Food Engineer, apprentice

Agrippine Denis

LCA and eco-design engineer

Photo François recadrée-1.jpeg

Josselin Le Goff

Ingénieur ACV et éco-conception spécialisé - Génie Industriel

Anna Mogensen 

Eco innovation and

Business Development

François Privat

Ingénieur ACV, FDES

et éco-conception 

Our partners 

Frédéric Thébaud

Life cycle assessment and eco innovation

Marie-Cécile Pinson

Design Project Manager

Nathalie Viel 

Sustainable innovation and marketing

Faustine Vanhulle

Creativity and value 

analysis expert

photo Francois RICHARD.jpg
fabien tournan.png
Guillaume Jouane.png

François Raffin

Innovation and change expert

François Richard

Information and communication technical expert

Fabien Tournan

Regenerative Systems Consultant Permaculture and Agroecology

Guillaume Jouanne


Eco-design and LCA Tool Expert


Gingko 21 is constantly evolving!


If you are interested in our activities and would like to join us, please send us your application with CV and cover letter to

What they think of us

"The support of Gingko 21 has allowed us internally to organize ourselves in project mode and maintain a dynamic on a complex subject that was very open at the beginning."

Erwan Autret, Products and Material Efficiency Department, Circular Economy and Waste Direction, French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).